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Your Business

If the following describes your business, then Thermeon is here to help

  • You operate a car rental business within a territory defined by your Franchisor
  • Most likely you have multiple-locations with fleet distributed across those locations. You may have a regional company structure in place
  • Your franchisor sets standards for fleet quality and customer service
  • Your franchisor sends you reservations by interface, file transfer, email or fax
  • Reservations are made against rates that you have agreed, these being loaded in franchisor systems for sale through their own channels. You may also have agreed to participate in franchisor-negotiated corporate deals
  • You also generate your own local business
  • You have a responsibility to report rental business undertaken under the franchisor’s brand and pay fees based upon that.
  • You have a mix of corporate and retail business
  • Multiple channels deliver reservations to your rental business
  • You may already operate (or want to operate) a varied or specialist fleet of cars, trucks, vans, trailers, RVs or motorcycles
  • You may conduct rental operations for more than one brand, possibly also your own brand as well as your franchisors

How Thermeon can support your business

The cars+ product suite meets YOUR needs not JUST the needs of the franchisor. Our product suite allows you to manage ALL aspects of YOUR business while interfacing with your franchisor.

Here's how:

Business Intelligence

  • Immediate access to 100s of reports reflecting what is happening in your business right now.
  • Integration of information from counter through car control to cash management
  • Access to information is appropriately restricted based on job requirements
  • Summary and detail levels are available
  • The ability to email routine reports to keep you in touch with the business while you are away comes as standard

Expose your rates to the widest possible market

Through the internet: webRES

  • webRES provides a Google-friendly, hosted website for your business
  • Rates and fleet availability are read IN REAL TIME from cars+
  • Reservation confirmations are sent instantly to customers
  • Pre-payment and credit card integration

Through brokers: webXML

  • Most of the biggest broker brands already connect with cars+
  • Avoid the pain of creating and (the costly) maintenance of your own links to brokers

Local Reservation Management

  • Fast local reservation completion
  • Single screen for all information, extensive pop-ups and searches for key data
  • Reliable, extensive reservation transfer from franchisor reservations system (where the franchise HAS such an interface), including customer details, Customer Discount Programs (CDPs) and loyalty program related data
  • Easy reservation amendments, cancels and no-show processing
  • Extensive and flexible reporting includes tracking res-build, source of business, res employee performance and incentives
  • Dynamic reservation manifest and display for busy rental counters
  • "Rules Engine" allows stopsells to be imposed for all local business sources
  • Turndown logic to track lost reservations
  • Enquiries can be stored as Quotations to be followed up and converted at a later time
  • Insurance replacement reservations
  • Tour wholesale reservations and interfaces

Local Rate Management

  • Unlimited rates and optional charges made possible by Cars+ rate management functions
  • Prices and conditions automatically update if class changes
  • Flexible rate rules can automatically select most appropriate rate if duration changes
  • Comprehensive rate usage and management reporting
  • Yield and capacity controlled rates
  • Staff can be empowered to offer discounts, amend rates or change classes within parameters that you set

Integrated Fleet Management

  • Rolling planning calendars
  • Fleet overview to location availability
  • Hourly segment tracking
  • Utilisation and availability graphically presented through webPLAN
  • Fleet planning tools integrated with “counter” and back office functions
  • Car control features available including vehicle condition reports, damage / repair management, instant live fleet reporting, event history and “Customer Incident” management

Improved ancillary revenue management

  • Inventory control of ancillary stock (such as GPS, DVD players, etc) can be handled as efficiently as vehicle management
  • The system actively promotes sales of incremental revenue products
  • Sales penetration tracking and management is easy and available from counter to national level
  • The full reporting suite enables staff incentive scheme management

Integrated Accounts Receivables with the following are supported

  • Rental invoicing
  • Full charges
  • Multiple split billing
  • Forced charging
  • Sundry charge invoicing
  • Statements of account
  • Credit control management

Integrated treasury functions

  • Dynamic currency conversion
  • Online credit card processing
  • Full reporting on all methods of payment, cash history, banking, etc


  • System screens can be translated to local language.
  • Multiple currencies can be handled within one territory
  • Customer facing documentation can be produced in customer’s own language, source market language or renting country language
  • Sub-franchisees can be supported within a territory
  • Accounting (General Ledger) systems can be interfaced reflecting the level of integration you require

Franchisor interfaces reduce manual effort

  • Reservation interfaces negates the need to download and manually process Reservations
  • Daily Report of Business (DRB) interfaces (eg Hertz GDRB or National/Alamo FRB) ensures that your daily report is automatically transmitted to the franchisor
  • Reduced re-working of business reports

Our experience supporting businesses like yours

Thermeon has decades of experience of supporting franchisees operating under the worlds biggest brands. All our staff are ex-rental operators with experience ranging from local operations to multi-national corporations. Allowing Thermeon to support your business gives you access to this experience.

Whether you come to us directly or under a franchisor-agreed contract with Thermeon, we have pricing models that reflects your business’ volume. Variable cost pricing models keep our costs in line with the volume and rhythm of your business. Consequently, our staff have a direct interest in your success.


Introducing cars+iR app for iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch

Thermeon's app for iPhone is now running at selected test sites!

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"I cannot say thank you enough. I admire the way you manage our account. You are always so polite, tactful, and have taught me much about true customer service. Your company is leading edge!"

Gill Bowmaker

Hertz South Africa

"I cannot express enough my gratitude for your help and professionalism during this whole project"

Vladan Pereski

Operation Manager, Hertz Macedonia

"Thanks all!! As always nobody does it better"

Seymour Burt

General Manager Gesman Rentacar

"cars+ has proved to be an excellent tool which has enhanced every area of my business, and I remain totally convinced I made the correct decision [to adopt cars+]"

Raymond McConn

Managing Director, Budget Car Rental

"cars+ is user friendly enough that they (Counter Staff) will become confident on the system first and then learn the car rental policies bit by bit after that."

Branch Manager, Europcar

"Our fleet control, invoicing processes and cashflow have all improved beyond measure and resulted in significant additional profits"

Raymond McConn

Managing Director, Budget Car Rental

"We have always received fantastic service from you all at Thermeon. It's great to be dealing with a company that are experts in car hire rather than just 'systems experts'"

Graham Brennan

IT Director, Sixt Ireland

"There is not much a rental agent can do wrong in cars+ as the system will pick it up"

Branch Manager


... "Nuestra proyección es mejorar nuestras operaciones con los diferentes módulos que nos ofrece el sistema CARS+ en reservaciones, mantenimiento, contabilidad"

Marco Tulio Navarro

Thrifty Honduras

"Estoy muy orgulloso de trabajar con un excelente sistema como lo es CARS+ y la asesoría brindada por Thermeon, cabe mencionar que el sistema CARS+ trabaja en todas las agencias de nuestra empresa en las areas de venta, administración, contabilidad y mercadotecnia." ...

"...staff at Thermeon Europe provide excellent support and service."

Raymond McConn

Managing Director, Budget Car Rental

"Paul and his (Customer Service) team are magic"

Graham Brennan

IT Director, Sixt Ireland

"I can recommend Thermeon's cars+, webXG, webXML, and webres. We have been using it for well over a decade, and find the software top of the game. I can't imagine there could be a better software out there."

Brad Aldcroft, Redspot

"CarTrawler recommends cars+ for turnkey access to its premium distribution channels - including many of the worlds top airlines"

Bobby Healy

CTO, Cartrawler

"Sure glad to have you guys. Thanks a lot for all the (FAST) assistance I got from all of you so far. It's much appreciated."

Disma Sharp

Hertz Germany, Operations

"I couldn't wait for cars+ to be installed. I just knew it would do a lot of the work for me and allow me to run my business!

Donnier Mcloud, Owner, Coffs Harbour Rent-A-Car


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