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We do not expect users of Thermeon's car hire software to find it necessary to call on support very often but, when they do they should expect and will receive a rapid response.

Thermeon provide three levels of support 24 hours a day 363 days a year. With support offices in the UK, Ireland, USA and Australia, we have personnel constantly monitoring the support queues for issues being raised by either our clients or by our suite of system monitoring tools, that are constantly checking the health and performance of the servers and systems on which our clients data is managed.

Perhaps most important of all is the fact that Thermeon's car rental support staff have a solid background in the car rental industry. This means that they are not just software experts but understand the day-to-day issues that their customers face.

All our support services are accessed via your cars+webXG login. To access the entire range of support facilities and much, much more please click on the login link above and enter your username and password.

cars+webXG is our eXchange Gateway and provides you with security controlled access to a wide range of tools and applications as part of the cars+ service.

Reference Manual

Thermeon reference manuals

Our comprehensive reference manual contains everything you need to know about our applications and is constantly being updated.

From webXG you have the ability to search the subjects and the contents, study individual chapters and look at what's been added recently by reading the release notices.

Support Levels

As queries come in, they are assessed and placed into one of three categories

  1. Critical : issues that are preventing clients from renting vehicles, such as server or VPN interruptions.
  2. Urgent : issues that are causing a workflow interruption but are not preventing business from being done.
  3. Training : where a lack of understanding of a program or the steps involved are causing a support query.

An acknowledgement is issued as soon as we receive the support query via email, this is followed up with our initial findings and either a solution or confirmation of further investigation.

The progress of any query e-mailed to Thermeon's support team is monitored and tracked on the support web site and all updates on any issue are emailed to the user who raised the enquiry and, any system administrators who are configured to monitor a client queue. On the support site, it is also possible to run searches against past issues raised by other users, these will often provide quick answers to current problems. Access is also available, on-line, to a full suite of reference manuals.

Support System

From within our online support system, as an authorised user, you'll find details of any issues that you have submitted, together with any other issues submitted by your company. This automated system provides free, rapid responses to your problems and provides you with a back catalogue of your previous issues.

Premium Support Calls

If you feel you have an emergency situation that requires personal contact by telephone then please call the premium support telephone number. Your call will be dealt with in preference to all other tasks but you will pay a charge of £1.50 per minute for this service. In the UK this charge is automated through your telephone bill, elsewhere we will charge your account directly. Please ensure you have permission from your employer / manager to use this service.

What our customers say about our support service:

"You have given us all the help and support we can possibly require, in the shortest possible time - for a very long time!"

"Encontramos la mejor respuesta a nuestras dudas y al mismo tiempo encontramos una resolucion eficaz y eficiente ante nuestras dificultades, en resumen nunca nos hemos quedado sin respuesta ante nuestras necesidades referente a Cars system."

"Your service is of a very high level ... I never see you as ordinary suppliers more so as friends. Your speed of reaction and assistance is unbelievable!"

"Staff listen, find solutions, track and deliver time responses and are willing to work through problems or lack of understanding to find common ground and the best way forward."

"The support team are always helpful and courteous and we have never had to wait more than a day for answers to queries sent via e-mail. We would not change to another system."

"Your customer service team is amazing, always willing to help and to supply you with the solutions needed, and not just one solution, but a variety. We are very pleased with Thermeon."

"Response time is short. Many times problems are resolved with one email."

"You are company that care for your customers. Customers are number one for you."

"I get prompt professional service from a very knowledgeable team every time."


Introducing cars+iR app for iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch

Thermeon's app for iPhone is now running at selected test sites!

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"I cannot say thank you enough. I admire the way you manage our account. You are always so polite, tactful, and have taught me much about true customer service. Your company is leading edge!"

Gill Bowmaker

Hertz South Africa

"I cannot express enough my gratitude for your help and professionalism during this whole project"

Vladan Pereski

Operation Manager, Hertz Macedonia

"Thanks all!! As always nobody does it better"

Seymour Burt

General Manager Gesman Rentacar

"cars+ has proved to be an excellent tool which has enhanced every area of my business, and I remain totally convinced I made the correct decision [to adopt cars+]"

Raymond McConn

Managing Director, Budget Car Rental

"cars+ is user friendly enough that they (Counter Staff) will become confident on the system first and then learn the car rental policies bit by bit after that."

Branch Manager, Europcar

"Our fleet control, invoicing processes and cashflow have all improved beyond measure and resulted in significant additional profits"

Raymond McConn

Managing Director, Budget Car Rental

"We have always received fantastic service from you all at Thermeon. It's great to be dealing with a company that are experts in car hire rather than just 'systems experts'"

Graham Brennan

IT Director, Sixt Ireland

"There is not much a rental agent can do wrong in cars+ as the system will pick it up"

Branch Manager


... "Nuestra proyección es mejorar nuestras operaciones con los diferentes módulos que nos ofrece el sistema CARS+ en reservaciones, mantenimiento, contabilidad"

Marco Tulio Navarro

Thrifty Honduras

"Estoy muy orgulloso de trabajar con un excelente sistema como lo es CARS+ y la asesoría brindada por Thermeon, cabe mencionar que el sistema CARS+ trabaja en todas las agencias de nuestra empresa en las areas de venta, administración, contabilidad y mercadotecnia." ...

"...staff at Thermeon Europe provide excellent support and service."

Raymond McConn

Managing Director, Budget Car Rental

"Paul and his (Customer Service) team are magic"

Graham Brennan

IT Director, Sixt Ireland

"I can recommend Thermeon's cars+, webXG, webXML, and webres. We have been using it for well over a decade, and find the software top of the game. I can't imagine there could be a better software out there."

Brad Aldcroft, Redspot

"CarTrawler recommends cars+ for turnkey access to its premium distribution channels - including many of the worlds top airlines"

Bobby Healy

CTO, Cartrawler

"Sure glad to have you guys. Thanks a lot for all the (FAST) assistance I got from all of you so far. It's much appreciated."

Disma Sharp

Hertz Germany, Operations

"I couldn't wait for cars+ to be installed. I just knew it would do a lot of the work for me and allow me to run my business!

Donnier Mcloud, Owner, Coffs Harbour Rent-A-Car


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