cars+ Training

Implementation Training

  • All training can be carried out remotely at the user's own desk with hands-on, interactive sessions.
  • Each session will last no longer than two hours
  • Training and support team can attach themselves remotely to the user's screen
  • Agents can be renting vehicles after just two, two-hourly sessions
  • On-line access is provided to the extensive suite of reference manuals
  • Queries are monitored and tracked using our fully automated support system

Training is normally carried out remotely, with the trainee sitting at their own desk, using the telephone and Thermeon's Session Shadowing technology. Because an individual can only absorb and retain a finite amount of information within a given time, each hands-on, interactive session is limited to no more than two hours. In these two hours the trainee retains more knowledge than they would during a far longer time spent in a traditional training environment.

For example, a rental agent can receive basic training in only two sessions - a total of just four hours - before they are on the road to becoming fully proficient. Our comprehensive reference manual contains everything you need to know about our applications and is constantly being updated.

Skill-building Webinars

Your initial training package is designed to cover all you need to get you live but never intends to cover all functions in cars+. Some will never be appropriate to your business. Others will only become relevant to you as your business (or cars+) evolves over time.

Therefore, Thermeon runs webinars from each of our regional offices. These are offered free of charge on topics which our Client Service teams have identified as having widespread appeal.

Forthcoming sessions are publicised on this page and we welcome existing clients to register for such sessions. Our trainers also welcome suggestions for topics. Places are limited for these sessions, so we encourage you to book early.

Custom Training Packages

If you feel your business would benefit from additional training on any topics, our Trainers are there to help. Whether you require a 1 hour refresher on a specific feature or a 3 day course covering a range of topics, let us know. We'll construct the best package for your needs and your budget.

Session Shadowing

One of the many outstanding features of Thermeon's services is a technology known as 'cars+ Session Shadowing'. This allows a member of the customer support team, when necessary, to attach themselves remotely to a user's screen. The keyboards of both people are then synchronised so that either one can type and each sees what the other is seeing. Session Shadowing really comes into its own in the training arena since, akin to the dual-pedal control used by driving instructors, it removes language barriers (even between English speakers!) and enables rapid training and resolution of problems.

cars+ Session Shadowing works on a 'many-to-one' basis, so that an unlimited number of users can be attached to the same screen, and thus presents a highly efficient and economic method of training. The system can also be used by a company's own trainers and managers since, given the appropriate permission levels, any user can attach to the screen of any other user.

Forthcoming Training Sessions

New Features
2013-05-17 00:00 PDT

Get up to date on new helpful programmes that have recently been added to cars+.

2013-05-21 23:00 PDT

If you have multiple customer records for the same person, this Webinar will show you how to clean up and streamline the customer file.

2013-05-22 09:00 BST

The Non-Revenue Entry program is used to log use of movement of vehicles in the fleet that are not associated with a rental agreement. Learn how to keep track of your vehicles at all times.

Edit Wholesale Vouchers
2013-05-23 07:00 BST

For anyone using the 'S' window for wholesale vouchers and how to edit post.

Register by emailing

You will require:

  • A computer with a microphone. A headset is preferred to block out background noise.
  • The latest version of Java needs to be installed on your PC in order to join the WebEx meeting.
What our customers say...

"Thermeon showed us how we could increase revenue at our thirty plus locations across South Africa, using their UPSELL feature in CARS+. The initial results have been amazing. Revenue on 50% of the rentals increased by 100% and that drops straight to the bottom line as profit for a rental we have just upgraded anyway! What a fantastic way to increase revenue, increase profits and give the customers a better experience at the same time"

Yanna Dickens, System Specialist, Hertz South Africa


Introducing cars+iR app for iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch

Thermeon's app for iPhone is now running at selected test sites!

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"I cannot say thank you enough. I admire the way you manage our account. You are always so polite, tactful, and have taught me much about true customer service. Your company is leading edge!"

Gill Bowmaker

Hertz South Africa

"I cannot express enough my gratitude for your help and professionalism during this whole project"

Vladan Pereski

Operation Manager, Hertz Macedonia

"Thanks all!! As always nobody does it better"

Seymour Burt

General Manager Gesman Rentacar

"cars+ has proved to be an excellent tool which has enhanced every area of my business, and I remain totally convinced I made the correct decision [to adopt cars+]"

Raymond McConn

Managing Director, Budget Car Rental

"cars+ is user friendly enough that they (Counter Staff) will become confident on the system first and then learn the car rental policies bit by bit after that."

Branch Manager, Europcar

"Our fleet control, invoicing processes and cashflow have all improved beyond measure and resulted in significant additional profits"

Raymond McConn

Managing Director, Budget Car Rental

"We have always received fantastic service from you all at Thermeon. It's great to be dealing with a company that are experts in car hire rather than just 'systems experts'"

Graham Brennan

IT Director, Sixt Ireland

"There is not much a rental agent can do wrong in cars+ as the system will pick it up"

Branch Manager


... "Nuestra proyección es mejorar nuestras operaciones con los diferentes módulos que nos ofrece el sistema CARS+ en reservaciones, mantenimiento, contabilidad"

Marco Tulio Navarro

Thrifty Honduras

"Estoy muy orgulloso de trabajar con un excelente sistema como lo es CARS+ y la asesoría brindada por Thermeon, cabe mencionar que el sistema CARS+ trabaja en todas las agencias de nuestra empresa en las areas de venta, administración, contabilidad y mercadotecnia." ...

"...staff at Thermeon Europe provide excellent support and service."

Raymond McConn

Managing Director, Budget Car Rental

"Paul and his (Customer Service) team are magic"

Graham Brennan

IT Director, Sixt Ireland

"I can recommend Thermeon's cars+, webXG, webXML, and webres. We have been using it for well over a decade, and find the software top of the game. I can't imagine there could be a better software out there."

Brad Aldcroft, Redspot

"CarTrawler recommends cars+ for turnkey access to its premium distribution channels - including many of the worlds top airlines"

Bobby Healy

CTO, Cartrawler

"Sure glad to have you guys. Thanks a lot for all the (FAST) assistance I got from all of you so far. It's much appreciated."

Disma Sharp

Hertz Germany, Operations

"I couldn't wait for cars+ to be installed. I just knew it would do a lot of the work for me and allow me to run my business!

Donnier Mcloud, Owner, Coffs Harbour Rent-A-Car


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